Murder Mystery Podcast

The story unfolds each week. Will you guess the killer?

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4 days ago

Two dinners take place and Olivia makes a decision.   
Follow this link to find our new podcast British Spy Stories with more stories by M.F.Kelleher:

Friday Mar 17, 2023

Olivia gets a message and makes a late night visit.

Friday Mar 10, 2023

Olivia explores the area on the map and sees someone she didn't expect.

Friday Mar 03, 2023

Max breaks in, and Jean Luc goes to see Mercier.

Friday Feb 24, 2023

Sophie discovers something shocking about her husband.

Friday Feb 17, 2023

Constance gets a surprise, and Olivia manages to find out more from Grace.

Friday Feb 10, 2023

Guy continues to be evasive about his past, and Olivia gets cornered.

Friday Feb 03, 2023

Olivia has breakfast with Jean Luc and finally discovers what he's been hiding.

Friday Jan 27, 2023

Olivia goes to talk to Sophie, then analyses the photos she found in Flat 3 and discovers someone else is sitting in the background.

Friday Jan 20, 2023

Olivia finally discovers where Poppy went while she was in Paris, but Olivia starts to doubt she can trust Jean Luc to tell her the truth.


Murder Mystery Podcast

Do you love a good murder mystery? If so, this is the podcast for you. Each week, we publish a new episode of the next chapter of the story. Our episodes are written by M.F.Kelleher, the thriller writer.

The lead character is Olivia Streete, a lawyer who gets into danger trying to find the murderer before they can get away with it. Join Olivia is trying to solve the case from the comfort of your armchair, or wherever you are when you listen each week. Happy sleuthing! 


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